Friday, April 28, 2017


Hard to believe that tomorrow is the sale already. 5 years have come and gone without you here, Jimmy. Some days it feels like I just talked to you yesterday- other times it feels like an eternity without hearing your voice, seeing that smile, hearing the laugh, loving the sarcasm... we miss you so much. I am sure that you and Rick sit together and talk about all of the stuff we do on this Earth. I am hoping that you both see that we miss and love you more than ever- and that we keep you alive in our daily lives. I try to speak of you as though you are merely just 'in another room' as the poem says. Sometimes I can't be strong for everyone and I have to go sit in silence and just allow myself the time to process WTF happened ...  I still get angry, I still hate that you had to leave us so soon, and I still can't wrap my head around WHY.
I guess that we will just have to continue 'being present' in everyday life, so that we may live up to your expectations and continue on with your good natured, caring, giving legacy. (That stands for Rick as well)

669 East Main Street
New Holland, PA

Monday, February 20, 2017


 JFF Cancer benefit sale

Help us help a family going through the struggles

Each year we have a bake/yard sale in hopes of raising money for a family going through the all so real financial battle that comes with cancer. PLEASE join us on Saturday, April 29th at Garden Spot High School located at 669 East Main Street, New Holland. The sale begins at 8AM. We will have something for everyone. And as always a wide variety of WONDERFUL home baked items!!












      CONTACT INFO:            Marie Resh

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Benefit - Valentino

Valentino Emanuele DiStefano  12/31/2012

Vale’s story begins in late November of last year- his mother, Viviana, went back to work full-time. Vale had to change daycare facilities.  He got sick, mom figuring it was from all the extra kids = extra germs spreading around; as would ANY other mom. The weeks went on and he was continuously sick. One day at daycare, he hurt his foot. He didn’t complain, didn’t want to be ‘babied’ by being carried. He was taken to his Pediatrician, where the doctor proceeded to order an X-ray; the results demonstrated that it was indeed fractured. A cast was put on and remained on for 3 weeks, removed on January 6th. The first time he tried to walk on the foot, Viviana helping him, it was painful for Vale. One day, the daycare had called and mentioned that he had a high fever and that his foot appeared to be swollen. Out of concern, his mother took him to see the doctor to ensure that there was no underlying issue. They did an X-ray and the Dr. said it was healed and said ‘the boy may be complaining or not walking out of attention.’ 2nd week they decided to get a second opinion, he was scheduled to see a Pediatric Orthopedic doctor at Penn State. On 1/30/2017, the Resident on staff commented that he could tell that Valentino was in pain. Mom, in the meantime, was noticing how pale her little boy was getting. The head doctor came in and said that he was fine. Viviana demanded blood tests and an MRI be done to make sure there wasn’t something they were missing on the X-ray and she suspected in the least that he was anemic. Blood work was done and the results were sent to a Hematology Oncology specialist. IMAGINE being a work (OR ANYWHERE) and you receive a call… The first words spoken are “Your son’s blood work came back abnormal.” Your son is very sick, his blood counts are as follows Red: 2.8 (should be at least 11.5), White 243 (should be above 1500), Platelets 25,000 (should be at least 172,000). Viviana and Samuele (dad) took him to be admitted to Penn State Children’s Hospital at Hershey for immediate blood and platelet transfusions. Valentino was sedated for the next procedures: spinal tap and bone aspiration. These were performed to confirm his illness and to see if the infection/disease had spread to his spine and/or brain. It was in this moment that they confirmed that Vale has Leukemia A.L.L. THANK GOD that the A.L.L (Pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) had not spread to his brain and/or spine. He is undergoing Chemo treatments daily and IV infusions weekly to try to save his life; the first 6 months of such brutal beatings for this young soul. Then, 6 months to 3 ½ years of treatments, which will be sporadic to keep it in remission. Then if that all goes as planned, he will be considered CURED from this awful disease.
              !!!!!!!!WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU, VALENTINO!!!!!!! 

benefit recipient 2017

Hard to believe these years are flying by so quickly. This years cancer benefit recipient is such a young lad- FIVE YEARS OLD!!! It makes my heart heavy knowing what he has lying ahead of him with treatments to save his life. Imagine being the parents of this young vibrant child and then one phone call changes your entire existence. I hope to have a successful sale this year for this family.
Valentino Emaluele DiStefano- we are all rooting for you...
I will be posting his story as soon as I get it ok'd by his momma.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Can you believe it ... another year has flown right by us. I have been preparing for the upcoming sale- a friend of mine moved out of his house after 19 years- I inherited all of the items he was willing to get rid of... and it is LOTS!! He was an avid Disney fan/collector. We have a wide variety of Disney related items to please an entire city! 😎
The sale is the last Saturday in April again as usual. Same place as well... garden spot high school- front lawn area from 8am-2pm.
I hope that we have another great year!! Please join us for great bargains and WONDERFUL homemade baked goods.
More info to follow with pics and details.
Marie Resh

Sunday, April 3, 2016

family that will recieve the proceeds from sale

Alexis Javier was 37 years old when he was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor in April, 2014. He had his first surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible, followed by chemo & radiation. Alexis was back to work in six weeks and persevering.

Seven months later the tumor was back. He had his second surgery in November 2014. This time the chemo sessions were 1 ½ hours long in hopes of shrinking the remaining tumor and preventing others from developing. Again, he returned to work and held his precious little family together.

In August, 2015 a heartbreaking visit to the doctor brought great sadness. The tumor was back with a vengeance. He had his third surgery which was then followed by 5-6 hour chemo sessions that kept him from returning to work.

I am saddened to say that he lost his battle on March 17,2016. His wife and three beautiful young girls, Natalie (8), Noelle (5), and Nicole (3) will need the funds from our benefit sale to help with the entire financial burden that comes with cancer.

I look forward to helping this family.

                                                  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

another year

Well... it's here ... another year...
We will be having our 4th annual JFF bake/yard sale to benefit someone going through cancer. This year it is a young family; he just lost his battle with cancer Thursday, March 17th. He was only a young 39 years old. He had 3 beautiful little girls... 8,5,and 3. It is just a shame and a hurtful truth that these young ladies will never again be held by their very loving and devoted father. It will be an honor for us to help this wonderful, but broken family this year. My  heart is so heavy for them. I hope to raise enough to make a difference in their bills, etc.
Yard/Bake Sale
Saturday, April 30th 2016
Garden Spot High School
669 East Main Street
New Holland, Pa
PLEASE come on out and support us supporting others.